Washers & Dryers

Washing Machine Repair

A clothes washer is one of those conveniences that we take for granted, until it breaks down and we find out very quickly how difficult it is to do without it. No one wants to haul the laundry to the local Laundromat and stand around waiting for an empty washer. Unless you are flush with cash to buy a new washer, you are going to need a washer repair professional to quickly rectify the problem.

Appliance Smart Repair offers the area’s leading services in washer repair. We work hard to fix your washing machine quickly when a problem occurs. We know that you don’t have time to wait for weeks for a washer to be repaired so we come to your home to do repairs right away.

Our team of trained repair technicians has extensive knowledge in washer repair, which is a highly specialized area. Do not try to fix your washer on you own or you could do damage to your home or yourself. Call the professionals at Appliance Smart Repair and make an appointment for a repairman to come help you.

There are hundreds of brands out there, but we can help repair your washer no matter where you bought it. From Whirlpool to LG, Kenmore or Maytag, we can repair them all.

Dryer Repair

Appliance Smart Repair provides the area’s leading services in dryer repair. When your dryer stops working properly, it is more than an inconvenience. It can be downright dangerous as broken dryers can be a tremendous fire hazard for homeowners. Dryer malfunctions must be taken seriously to avoid an accident that could result in devastation for your family. If your dryer isn’t working properly, the experts at Appliance Smart Repair are ready to help.

You might be tempted to send your broken dryer to the junkyard, but don’t be too quick to toss such a costly appliance. Our qualified repair technicians can figure out what is causing your dryer to malfunction and then make any necessary repairs. Calling Appliance Smart Repair will save you hundreds of dollars when compared to purchasing a brand new dryer!

There are several common problems that cause dryers to stop working. Most of the time, the dryer isn’t working properly because of a minor issue such as a faulty thermostat. Maybe your dryer runs like always, but it doesn’t heat up. This could be a thermostat issue and it is easily repaired. If the dryer is heating up, but your clothes are not rotating properly, the interior drum is probably the culprit.

Appliance Smart Repair has trained professionals ready to handle any dryer malfunction. Don’t put off dryer repairs and take a risk with your family’s safety. Contact us today for more information on proper dryer maintenance or repair.